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Please Read This First:
The version available for download on this page is a reduced functionality free edition. It does not have any maximum run time restrictions and will never have any form of time restrictions added in the future. Some features such as the Scheduler or Customer details are not included, other features such as uploading Images are limited. The basic workorder functionality is not limited in any way with support for unlimited customer and ticket creation. The free edition is a "starter edition", once your business outgrows the free edition you can easily upgrade to either the Local or Online edition. You even get free support with WorkOrder TS Free edition. The use of is recommended.
You can request an instant license key for the free edition here.

Installation instructions:
You can find screenshot guided installation instructions here or screenshot guided upgrade instructions here. If you are familiar with PHP software, the quick installation instructions are the paragraph below.
Download the file, extract the archive, upload to your web directory, run setup.php.
If you are updating, just overwrite all the old files. If you delete the old installation you will loose your config files. After uploading the new version, run setup.php to start the update process. Requires 100% free license key for the initial installation. Request License Key (popup)
You can find some helpful tools and utilities below the downloads.

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Version 0.5.3 has been released 2008-06-06
Version 0.5.3 brings the new user interface to the free edition and fixes all know bugs
Major Free Edition Changes since 0.4.2:


Tools and Utilities

This Windows utility allows you to verify MD5 sums and SHA1. MD5summer for Windows

double.php 2007-03-19
double.php will double all Tickets in your database, use it for server testing. CAN NOT BE UNDONE, will NOT ask for confirmation! Comes with complete source. Version 2 is PHP4 compatible.
Copy into the Work Order TS root directory. And open with Web Browser.

WorkOrderTS_double-v2.tar.gz 1.9KB
726130b28f470e90287c5093ac20ca78 1.9KB

Stand Alone Test Installation for Windows
This is a XAMPP Lite package from, it is preloaded with the current edition of WorkOrderTS Free Edition.
This download allows you to test the free WorkOrder TS edition without installing any server software when using a Windows Operating System. I will create a Linux version on request.
Here is the readme_WorkOrderTS.txt

xampplite-wots-0.5.3.exe 17.3MB