Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Please feel free to ask your question directly. All serious emails with return address will be answered. Some smaller ISPs block emails originating from my server.

The free edition contains two user accounts, admin and tech, to login use one of the two accounts with the password you specified at the first setup screen. The Professional edition only contains an admin account. Please login and create more users via the control panel.

I believe that you are not running your own server but have a hosting company run it for you or provide you shared access. If this is not so, the below may not apply.

You should have received a username and password from your hosting company. just replace the value "work_guest" and "work_user", at the first setup screen, with the username given to you by your hosting company and do the same for the password.

The software has been developed for Letter size paper printed from a FireFox/Mozilla web browser, Internet Explorer printouts are usually larger and will require two pages. Update 0.1.9 will include settings to customize the printout pages more. I will try to find some A4 size paper to make it fit on it as well.
I'm always open to suggestions and have implemented some, use Contact above ....

At the moment WorkOrder TS is pre-configured for the USA market.
Some changes have been implemented to allow world wide use of the software. Changes such as customizing the string to your local URL via the control panel. States can also be updated by changing the files include/ and include/
Other updates such as UNICODE support and full translations are planned.