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Part II - Install the MySQL5 database server on a Windows Computer/Server

Last Updated: 2009-03-05
This is Part II of a three part guide on how to install Apache2, PHP 5 and MySQL on a Windows computer or server.
Part I covers the Apache Web Server
Part II covers the MySQL Database Server
Part III covers the PHP installation

PART II - Install the MySQL5 database server on a Windows Computer/Server

First extract the MySQL installer and start the Setup.
Follow the instructions given to you by the installer.
Default Settings are OK.
You can skip the MySQL account creation.

The MySQL installation is now complete, please make sure that the "Configure MySQL Server Now" box is checked.

At the MySQL installation type prompt, please select "Detailed Configuration"

Server Role should be Server Machine

It is very important that you install MySQL 5 as a "Multifunctional Database" since Work order Processing is currently using MyISAM but might switch to InnoDB in the future.

Set the MySQL5 connection limit to 20-50. Expect one connection for each active user, database connection time per user request is less then 1 second on most high-speed connections.

The MySQL 5 options below should be selected by default. Please ensure they are.

Keep the Standard Character Set, Latin1.

Please check the box "Include Bin Directory in Windows Path".

Please enter a secure root password, I have written a Online Random Password Generator

Almost Done, time to execute the configuration. Please click on "Execute"

I received this Firewall error on Windows XP Home SP2 (no updates) without receiving the Windows Firewall notice I received during the Apache installation. A simple "Retry" took care of this error.

MySQL 5 installation complete without errors.

MySQL 5 is now installed and running, but how do we know?
Click on Start => Run and enter cmd into the box, command for Windows 98 and ME and Click on OK

Once the black window, Command Prompt, is open, type "netstat -an"
Make sure that you can find port 80 (apache) and 3306 (mysql) on the list.

That's it for Part II of this guide, your MySQL database server is now up and running. Please click here for Part III


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