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Last Updated: 2011-11-18
Version 0.7.9
  • added the "Manager" user right. Any user with that right may receive e-mail notifications when a new ticket is created or if an existing ticket is marked as "Done".
  • dynamic fields can now be edited and searched. Standard FULLTEXT restrictions apply.
  • it is now possible to hide service types from customers when creating a new ticket. These service types are only hidden from the "new ticket" page.
  • fixed issue where HTML characters where printed on the guest key and notes pages.
  • made it easier to configure an external SMTP server.
  • added a "test your SMTP settings" page to the SMTP configuration page.
  • further improved the external smtp support

Version 0.7.8
  • added support for an smtp queue to remove the delay when saving a ticket.
  • Added support for tls smtp connections. I have tested this with Gmail and a few other servers. Please contact support if the new e-mail functions are not working with your server.
  • further improved the javascript logic responsible for checking all required fields.
  • improved the lookup speed of existing customers when creating a new customer. The javascript will only send the query every one second and will stop once it becomes too long.
  • added a simple interface to edit the technician notes fields. The link is on the main control panel menu.
  • fixed a display issue on tickets viewed by a customer.
  • Objects like the main menu are now cached to reduce the load on the database.

Version 0.7.7
  • implements the "required" option for dynamic fields
  • converts database to UTF-8

Version 0.7.6
  • free edition release

Version 0.7.5
  • back ported dynamic fields from 0.8.0-dev
  • fixed ticket search not searching the model field anymore
  • fixed Scheduler UI without a company logo
  • fixed Scheduler customer search
  • added option to specify what should be sent to GoogleMaps for route generation (Control Panel => "Layout and Default Settings" => first box)
  • fixed some display issues of special characters. (0.8.0 will be using UTF-8)
  • it is now possible to delete all instore service types.

Version 0.7.4
  • This new release fixes a few bugs, adds PHP 5.3+ compatibly and adds the new Note feature. This feature gives technicians the ability to quickly create basic webpages with text and attachments.
    This feature is designed to give you a place to store notes for yourself or to share these notes via a special URL.

Version 0.7.1-1
  • Customers may experience login problems when customer logins are enabled
  • The refreshing store overview page would display two lists when assigned tickets where found.
Version 0.7.1
  • Added automatically updating store overview
  • Added "search existing customers" box to the new customer page.
  • fixed javascript and html script errors
  • fixed 0.7.0 maintenance contract bug

Version 0.7.0-1
  • Removed extra space from magic_quotes.php to prevent a session warning message

Version 0.7.0
  • Modified Control Panel, created configuration groups
  • Added links to customer login pages to the control panel
  • Fixed Internet Explorer issue not allowing ticket popup windows to be resized
  • Added "time tracking users and admins" to be used by disbatchers
  • License Key now displays Store Number and max clients in Control Panel
  • Added language files for new/edit tickets and store overview form
  • Added Boolean full-text searches
  • Added ticket stub popup
  • Added Touchscreen options
  • List of States is now stored in the database and can be customized via the Control Panel
  • It is now possible to select the required fields when adding a customer or creating a ticket
  • Added control values to specify the size of the Service Performed box and the Internal Tech Notes box
  • Modified style when listing tickets by category (configured via Control Panel)
  • Search results and the store overview are now split up into multiple pages
  • Added box to customize Technician Notification E-mails (Control Panel => E-mail and Upload Settings)
  • Added Box to customize Customer Notification E-mails (Control Panel => E-mail and Upload Settings)
  • Added timeout support for technicians
  • Further optimized new config and database class to reduce number of database queries per script run
  • Changes below are to the guest login side only
    • "Print Checking Ticket" and "Service Performed" has been removed from the ticket overview page
    • "Find Customer" and "Onsite Menu" has been removed
    • "Store Overview" menu has been moved to the top left (property management skin)
    • Removed bottom row of default guest login skin and moved Store Overview up.
    • Fixed Guest key login, the fields line up properly now.
    • Added option to deny guests to change account passwords
    • Guests can search the same way as technicians (new fulltext) BUT all guest searches are limited to their own account so they will never see a ticket belonging to someone else.
    • Added security option to allows more control over what guest can do to a ticket.
    Guest Login Changes End
  • Fixed undefined variables in service contact forms
  • Fixed PHP error in frmDispDevice.php, missing closing ?>
  • Changed workorder.php to check for service contact creation before issuing an error due to missing make/model
  • Fixed wrong redirect when login expires in
  • Fixed missing include of config file in login.php
  • Fixed issue with new search function. It would return the Item ID and use it as the ticket ID.
  • Added new fulltext index for Item_model
  • Fixed file_downloads.php, it is displays the correct program version now
  • Fixed calendar.php not displaying company logo
  • Fixed invalid ticket counts in ticket_admin_overview.php
  • Added option to display assigned tickets above unassigned tickets in ticket_overview.php. IF ticket locks are not enabled.
  • Added field for the customer's email address to the ticket page if an address is stored


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