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Configure Company Downloads

Last Updated: 2008-03-09

This guide explains how to configure the WorkOrder TS Shared Company Downloads feature available since version 0.4.12.

The WorkOrder TS Shared Company Downloads feature allows you to share almost any kind of file right out of WorkOrder TS. All files are protected by hiding the true download location and by forcing users to login before they can retrieve any file from the list.

Configuring Shared Company Downloads is quick and easy, let's get started.
Login with a user account who has the "Manage Downloads" right like admin, once logged in, select "Company Downloads" from the Main Menu.
You are now presented with the main screen of the Shared Company Downloads.
The gray box under the main navigation bar is the "Categories Menu" box, the yellow box underneath that is the "Admin Menu" which is only visible to users with the "Manage Downloads" right.
The currently selected category is indicated by the highlighted entry in the "Categories Menu" which is "Main" until you have renamed the Category.

You can create new Categories by selecting "Add/Remove Categories" from the admin menu. From here you can create, rename or delete any category. Warning: You should not delete the Main category, rename it instead. Click here if you have deleted it.
Close the Window and select Company Downloads from the Main Menu to refresh the current screen.

You can create new entries for each category by selecting the category from the "Categories Menu" first, then click on "Create New Entry". The popup box will allow you to make files available for download or create a bookmark list for your users.

  • Upload File
    • This option allows you to upload a file via your web browser. The maximum upload size is determined by your web server, php configuration and by the "Maximum File Size" option in the "Control Panel". You may also enter a URL and a description to be displayed with the file.
  • Existing File
    • This option allows to post a new entry which is too big to be uploaded via the "Upload File" option. Place the file into the company folder with the highest folder index. The index is the integer after the name: company_dl-1 Now enter the complete filename into the box labeled "Existing File" as seen in the image below. You may also enter a URL and a description to be displayed with the file.

  • Website URL
    • You can create links to other websites which open in a popup window by keeping the "Upload File" and "Existing File" options empty.

Security Testing
The WorkOrder TS Shared Company Downloads feature uses a .htaccess file to keep everybody but the webserver out, please follow the steps below to ensure everything is working properly.
First upload a test file from a client computer as described above, make sure the file can be downloaded using the Shared Company Downloads page.
Now try to download the same file directly by acessing uploads/company_dl-1/filename in the subdirectory of your WorkOrder TS installation directory.
If WorkOrder TS is installed in
where WorkOrderTS_OnlineDemo is the installation directory of your WorkOrder TS installation, then
will attempt to open the uploaded file security.txt
The download should never start but you should see a Access Forbidden, Error 403 message. If you get a "File not found Error 404" then you have entered the incorrect file name and your hosts does not accept the .htaccess file.

What if you host does offer .htaccess support
You should ask your hosting provider how you can protect a directory (uploads/company_dl-1) with server only access.

That's it, you can create as many categories as you need and upload as many files as you like. Enjoy....


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