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How To Create A New Ticket With WorkOrder TS

Last Updated: 2007-11-25
WorkOrder TS associates all tickets to customers, to create a new ticket you can search for an existing customer or create a new customer.
  • Search for an existing an customer

    You can find existing customers via the "Find Customer" search box located on the main menu. Just enter you search term and WorkOrder TS will return any customer matching the search terms you entered. Click on the customer name returned from the search to enter the "Customer's Detail" page. Select "New Ticket" on the "Customer Details Page" to open the new ticket dialog for this customer.

  • Create new customer

    If the customer's information has not been added to the databases, click on "New Customer" in the main drop-down menu. Make sure you enter all required fields or the customer will not be created. Some field groups only require you to fill out one field. Click on "Add New Customer" to save the new customer, then click on the customer's name found by the program, below the "The Customer has been added" message.

  • Adding Required Ticket Information

    Fill out all required ticket information and click on "Add New Ticket" to save the new ticket. That's it, the ticket is now saved and ready to be worked on. You can now print a copy with store disclaimer by clicking on "Print Ticket". If you need to change the ticket you just posted, click on "Go To Ticket" then on "Edit Description" to reopen the ticket.


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