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How to customize WorkOrder TS Service Types

Last Updated: 2008-03-14

The "Service Type" option controls if a ticket is instore, onsite or if it is an expedited instore/onsite ticket. As of WorkOrder TS 0.4.4, it is now possible to change the service types and even add your own.
This short guide will explain how you can customize the WorkOrder TS service types.

The image below shows the service type configuration when WorkOrder TS is first installed.

To change the initial service type configuration, open the "Control Panel" and click on "Configure WorkOrder TS". Now scroll down until you see "WorkOrder TS Service Type Control" and click on "Config Service Types". This will open a new screen as a popup.
The image below shows the Service Type configuration screen, the first line allows you to add a new service type for WorkOrder TS.

  • Value => This field can not be changed and only displays the internal database value.
  • Name => The name will be displayed when creating a new ticket or when displaying the current service type of a ticket.
  • Instore => Check this box to mark the service type as "Instore"
  • Onsite => Check this box to mark the service type as "Onsite"
  • Expedited => Check this box to mark the service type as "Expedited"
  • Position => This determines the display position, starting at 1. Later version will use position 0 as "do not display".
  • Delete => Checking this box will delete the entry after you click save. NEVER delete a service type which has been used to create tickets. Later version will include checks which will prevent the deletion if a ticket makes use of a specific service type.

Click on "Save" to make your changes permanent.


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