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HowTo Fix a deleted Main Category in Shared Company Downloads

Last Updated: 2008-03-09
So, you have deleted the first category and all you see when you open your Shared Company Downloads is the Category Menu but none of the posted downloads.....

No problem, you can specify a default category by opening the category you want to be your default category. Now look at your browser's address bar, you should see file_downloads.php?CatID=7&SSI... write down the number behind CatID, in this example it is 7

Now open the "Control Panel", click on "Configure WorkOrder TS", scroll down to "WorkOrder TS Menu Control" and click on "Config Menus".
Looks for the line file_downloads.php?CatID=1 and replace CatID=1 with the number you wrote down earlier.
Click on save menu and your "Company Downloads" link should now go to the category you just specified.


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