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How to setup the smtp queue

Last Updated: 2011-10-25

WorkOrder TS can send e-mails to external smtp servers. This can cause significant delay when modifying tickets so I wrote the smtp queue to separate the e-mail processing from the tickets.
New e-mails are now stored in a table until they are processed by a separate script. You may set this up as a cron job on a *nix system or as a scheduled task on Windows.

If you have access to crontab on Linux you may execute the queue with crontab. If a previous run fails to unlock (script dies for some reason) then the next run will be delayed by 10 minutes.
The WorkOrder TS Online Server will process the queues every two minutes with this crontab entry:

*/2 * * * * cd /path/to/your/installation/;php -f smtp.php > /dev/null
Or set this up as a Scheduled Task if you are running Apache on Windows. Set it up to run every few minutes and execute php -f smtp.php. Make sure that you set the executing path to your WorkOrder TS folder.

Some hosting companies will not give you access to the crontab but you may still use the queue with the help of the wget utility from wget for Windows. Setup one of your office machines to start wget every few minutes with the following command.

Please keep in mind that external SMTP server and tsl support will not work most shared hosting accounts because the required features tend to be disabled bu the provider.


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