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Part I - How to install Apache2 PHP5 and MySQL5 on Windows

Last Updated: 2009-03-05
This is Part I of a three part guide on how to install Apache2, PHP 5 and MySQL on a Windows computer or server.
Part I covers the Apache Web Server
Part II covers the MySQL Database Server
Part III covers the PHP installation

This guide is a generic guide on how to install Apache 2.0/2.2, PHP5 and MySQL5 on a windows computer. This guide is an update to the previously published pdf file. The "old" information for Apache 2.0 has been included in this guide and is specially marked.
Once you complete the guide, you will be ready to install WorkOrder TS or any other PHP/MySQL software application onto your server. The current version has been updated 2007-08-18. It has been written by verifying every step on a Windows Small Business 2003 Premium Server, follow this guide and everything will work properly.

Let's get started!
First, download the latest version of Apache, PHP5 and MySQL.
The most recent editions available today are

apache_2.2.4-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi (MSI Installer ) => (zip package) => (comp. installer ~40MB) =>

PART I - Install Apache 2.2.4 on Windows

Start the Installer

If you are planning to host your own domain on the Apache 2 installation, you might want to use your real domain information. If the Apache installation will not be used for domain hosting within a short period of time you can use the values I used for this guide. This can be changed later via the config file!
WARNING: Windows 2003 is running IIS (Internet Information Service) on port 80. You can either disable IIS or change the Apache listening port to 81 as shown further down in the guide. WorkOrder TS is currently not compatible with IIS.

Use Typical Installation Options

Configure the Apache installation path
Apache 2.2 introduces a gotcha, previous versions would create a subdirectory "Apache2" under the selected installation path. The Apache 2.2 installer has been fixed and it behaves like other standard installers now and installs directly into the selected directory.
Apache 2.0: Set the installation directory to C:\ to install Aapache into the directory C:\Apache2

Apache 2.2: Set the installation directory to C:\Apache2.2 to install Apache into C:\Apache2.2

If you don't have any port conflicts, you might now see a firewall warning about Apache attempting to start, allow it.

If you are running IIS or another webserver on port 80 you will receive the error message below. This is fixed easily by changing the apache listening port.

To change the port Apache listens on, edit httpd.conf and change Listen from 80 to 81 or another free port.

When you are done edeting your config file you need to restart your server or service. You can restart the service by clicking on the Apache monitor icon in your task bar.

Now it is time to test your new webserver, open your favorite browser and open http://localhost or http://localhost:81 where 81 is the port you specified earlier in httpd.conf.

That's it for Part I of this guide, your Apache webserver is now up and running. Please click here for Part II


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