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How to create WorkOrder TS Service Contracts

Last Updated: 2009-05-27
As of version 0.5.0, WorkOrder TS supports Service Contracts, AKA Maintenance Contracts. This new ability allows you to create one main ticket (super ticket) and store multiple sub-tickets under the main service contract ticket.
You need to add new service contract service types before you can create service contracts.

To create new service types, click on "Control Panel" => "Configure WorkOrder TS" and scroll down to "WorkOrder TS Service Type Control". Now click on "Config Service Types" to open the service type control popup window.
Here you can add new service types by filling out the first line of the form. The first field should be kept empty as it will contain an internally generated value, fill out the field above "Name" and check the box "Contract". The position for "Contracts" is independent from "Instore" and "Onsite". For this example I will use Position 1 for my first "Contract" and Position 2 for my second entry. Click on the screen shot for to see an example.

Now you are all set to create service contracts. First open the "Customer Details" for one of your customers by searching your database for a customer name.
Enter the customer name into the field next to the button labeld "Find Customer". Now select the customer from the list and click on "New Service Contract".

On the next screen you create the "Super Ticket", this ticket will hold all sub tickets and device information. Fill it out like the regular tickets.

Once created, you can access the service contract from the "Customer details" screen or by entering the ticket id in to the "Ticket by ID" field. All service contract IDs start with "SC" like SC4 in this example.

When you open the service contract you will be presented with additional options. You can enter "Service Performed" and "Tech Notes" directly into the ticket and/or you can create subtickets.
To create sub tickets, click on "Add Sub Ticket". To add devices to the service contract, click on "Add New Device".

Let's create a new sub ticket first. To create a new ticket you need fill out at least on of the presented fields. You can add more information once the ticket has been created.

The new sub ticket will show up after you refresh the ticket. Click on "Refresh Tickets" to refresh the current ticket. You can now open the ticket to enter more information and save the time you have spent working on the ticket. Please note that each sub ticket will track time entered individually for all sub tickets and that time entered into the super ticket (main service contract ticket) is separate from your sub tickets as well.

You can add one device at a time by clicking on "Add New Device" link. Click on "Refresh Devices" to refresh the service contract ticket.

You can now create a complete history of all devices and all the work done for your service contracts. The example shows the device history with a short note regarding the work done on the device and also the sub ticket created during the day which can contain more detail about the work and the time spent to complete the maintenance.

Please contact WorkOrder TS Support if you have any questions regarding the service contract feature.


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