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How To update your WorkOrder TS License Key

Last Updated: 2007-08-21
Changing the license key in WorkOrder TS is a simple process. If you are upgrading from the free edition you will be asked to enter your new key after login, enter the key into the field and you are done.

To update your license key, login as an administrative user and open the Control Panel. Clear out the Number of Stores field and the License Key field. Now click on "Save Configuration and go back to the WorkOrder TS ticket screen (image two).

You will now receive a "Invalid License Key" error message (left image), click on it and enter or paste the new license key and click Submit (right image).

Now go back to the Control Panel and check if the license key and store number has been updated. You will find additional Address and Name fields if you purchased additional store licenses. That's it, all done....


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