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Last Updated: 2009-06-05
Version 0.6.4
  • Implemented workaround for Internet Explorer bug when a html page contains too many style sections.
    This bug would create an error message or a looping page when attempting to view a category with a lot of tickets such as "Delivered/Claimed".

Version 0.6.3
  • Store Overview generates proper count of open tickets
  • Assigned and unassigned tickets are now displayed in two groups if the option "Limit Technician Ticket Access" is not enabled
  • Fixed logo path error in Scheduler, company logo should be displayed now
  • Fixed upload error when attempting to upload more then two images per ticket

Version 0.6.2
  • Windows batch file now creates a log file
  • Backup "Tables Only" option works properly
  • Restore will no longer delete the tables but fail to import the database if safe_mode is enabled
  • Fixed a few "undefined variable" error msg in workorder.php caused by changes done in 0.6.1

Version 0.6.1
*** Important UI Changes ***
  • Customers can now have multiple shipping addresses, shipping addresses are not added when creating customers anymore but are added at the "Customer Overview Page"
  • Removed "Edit Customer" link from the center of the "Customer Overview Page" and replaced it with an "Edit" link next to "Business Information". Shipping addresses can be edited by clicking on the "Filed as" link
  • The options displyed after creating a ticket are no longer underneath each other but next to each other. Also added the option to return to the "Customer Overview Page" after ticket creation
  • Added new option to "Customer Login Control", it is now possible to deny customers the ability to create and/or edit tickets. The new options default to Off and can be enabled via the "Control Panel" under "Customer Login Control"
  • Customer overview page changed from "Title Last Name, First Name" to "Title First Name Last Name"
Updates and Bugfixes
  • BugFix: Appointment date is not getting lost anymore when creating an appointment by selecting a date from the scheduler
  • Update: Setup will now create MySQL old style password for all PHP4 installations to avoid the "Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client " error message
  • Update: Replaced addslashes with mysql_real_escape_string in
  • Update: Fixed Undefined Variable notice in backup script
  • Update: Ticket ID in report is now a link to the ticket.
  • BugFix: Fixed incorrect label for report, changed "total hours this month" to "total time this month (HH.MM)"
  • BugFix: Fixed incorrect label for report, changed "hours logged this month" to time logged this month (HH.MM)"
  • BugFix: Report would display an error when the time entered matched the Ticket ID, like Ticket ID 2 with time stored of 2.00 hours.
  • BugFix: Report did not include last day when showing total tickets checked in, instead of showing days 1-7 it would only display days 1-6
  • BugFix: Report would be off by a few minutes if adding a lot of stored times with minutes overflowing into hours

Version 0.6.0
  • Update: Added Technician name to Calendar display when viewing Unsorted
  • BugFix: Made upgrading from 0.5.3 Free edition to Professional edition possible again


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