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How to Install WorkOrder TS for Windows/Linux/OS X

Last Updated: 2009-03-05
How to install WorkOrder TS, this guide only shows the step by step instructions on how to install WorkOrder TS. This guide assumes that you already have Apache, PHP5 and MySQL installed. Click here for a guide on how to install Apache2.0/2.2, PHP5 and MySQL 5 on Windows.

Let's get started! First, please download the latest WorkOrder TS edition. Look in your E-Mail inbox for the latest WorkOrder TS Professional edition download link. The free edition can be found at, check the Download section.

Once downloaded, extract the file into your Apache's htdocs directory. The subdirectory "workorder" will be created automatically. WorkOrder TS does not need to run inside the workorder directory, you may copy it into your apache root directory as well.

Next, open your favorite web browser and navigate to the workorder directory. This is usually http://localhost/workorder or http://localhost
You should now see the setup welcome screen and the WorkOrder TS license agreement. Please read it, it is short.

The next screen will collect all required information. You can click on the field label to open a helpful popup. The screen shot below shows the popup when you click on "Database Server Address:

Now click on "Test Settings" to validate your input. The left image shows an incorrect username error, the setup will not continue with an error. You are ready to install WorkOrder TS when you see the "Start Install" button. The picture on the right shows the error corrected, the Magic Quotes Warning can be ignored but should be disabled on your server.
Most PHP programs will run faster with magic quotes disabled since the programs need to undo magic quote changes if the option is enabled. The most compelling reason to disable magic quotes: "It will be removed from PHP6 and all future versions" It's about time.....

Almost done, now you need to download the configuration files. The configuration files contain your database password in plain text, protect them from other users on your system.

Be careful when you download the configuration files with Internet Explorer < 7. IE will change the filename and add a [1] into the file name as seen in the pictures below. Please correct this before saving or rename the files after saving.

Now click on "Test Config Files" to make sure that the files are at the proper location with the correct name. If everything checks out, click on "Start Installation" to have the database and user accounts created. Click on "Continue" when everything is done.

Now it is time to remove your setup files and directory for security reasons, the installation is now complete. WorkOrder TS will not run with the setup files in place.

Your first WorkOrder TS login ;)
Please login with your admin account to enter some required company information and configure a few screens. This will only take a few more minutes. Please click on the link "Please configure WorkOrder TS before using it" shown in the picture to the right.

Now click on "Configure WorkOrder TS". Later you should click on "User Management" to add more user accounts. Remember, you can add as many user accounts as you wish but you are limited to the amount of accounts that can login to WorkOrder TS at the same time. A separate User management Guide is available here, you will find another link at the bottom of this page.

Please fill out the following fields, a better categorized control panel is in development.
Company Name: Your Company's Full Name
Company Logo Location:this can be a URL or a local location ./grx/logo.png is inside the WorkOrder TS grfx directory
Company Address1:You full company address
Store 1Google Address:This is the search string you use to find your store on Google maps.
Store1 Short Name:This name is used by the program when displaying tickets. Example:Checked in at SHORT NAME
Instore-Rate:This option defines your Instore-Rate, WorkOrder TS does not keep track of labor hours yet. The information you provide here will be displayed on the checkin printout ticket. You can use html tags here to increase/decrease the text size.
Onsite-Rate: This option defines your Onsite-Rate, WorkOrder TS does not keep track of labor hours yet. The information you provide here will be displayed on the checkin printout ticket. You can use html tags here to increase/decrease the text size.
Multi Login Control:This options specifies how may times the same user account can login at the same time. This is useful if one employee operates two computers. Instead of purchasing another active user license, you can set this number to two and all users are now allowed to login twice with the same user name at the same time.
E-Mail Options:This option allows you to E-Mail your technicians that a new ticket has been created. Enter your E-Mail server information here and fill out the E-Mail field when creating/editing a user account. You are now given a choice to E-Mail your technicians when creating a new ticket.
Upload Image Options:This is a Image uploader in the Free edition, the Professional edition can take this a step further and will allow you to specify your own allowed file extensions and maximum upload file size. Warning: PHP has it's own maximum file size restriction which supercede the WorkOrder TS restrictions. You can change the PHP restrictions in php.ini, search for the option "post_max_size" and change it.

Save your configuration settings, you are now ready to use WorkOrder TS. I would suggest that you create a few User accounts now.


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