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WorkOrder TS Quick Start Guide

Last Updated: 2007-08-19

OK, so you have the software installed, now what? First I would recommend to configure the options not covered by the installer. Login as admin and click on "Control Panel" at the bottom of the page.

The Control Panel allows you to reconfigure your installation, specify prices and a few other options. Disabled options are only available in the Pro edition.
New Tickets are created by selecting a customer first via the "Find Customer" search box. If the customer needs to be added to the system click on new customer, top left corner, and fill out the required fields.
Required fields are marked in bold. After adding the new customer, click on the customer's name to create a new ticket.
You can find returning customers via the "Find Customer" search box. If the customer is found, click on the name to retrieve the customer's history. The customer's history screen allows you to create new tickets and gives you easy access to previous work history. You can list all customer's in your database by searching without a name in the search box. The Professional edition will allow you to export the collected data into comma separated files. The files can be used by most mailing programs to create address labels or send out emails to your clients.
Once the ticket has been added to the database you will have the option to print the ticket.
Currently the program will generate a specially formated page but will not initiate printing. The top contains the ticket information, the middle your store rate, the disclaimer and a place for the customer to sign. The bottom section prints little cutout tickets, manual cutout unfortunately, but enough to tag almost everything checked in. as far as I know. If you need more tickets, let me know. I will also be work on a way to allow you to format the printout page, input on how you would like to change the page is welcome.
The program allows a grace period, which can be specified in the control panel, where ticket edits will not create a note on the ticket. Ticket functions can be accessed by opening a ticket.

There are three different ways to find a ticket, first by customer history as explained above, second by "Ticket ID" and third by searching for terms used in the tickets description via the "Find Ticket" search box.
Once the ticket is open you can print the ticket with all tech information, reprint the checking ticket and edit the description on the top left corner. It is possible to edit the ticket's description without a trace during a grace period specified in the control panel.
If you click on the customer's name you will be brought to the customer's history page. Clicking on the customer's address will open a google maps route from your store's location, specified in the control panel, to the customer's address.
The tech should enter the problem description into the text box below the ticket information. Any previous information found in the database will be displayed above the white text box. The "Tech Name" pulldown box should contain the name you used to login, the next box will allow you to change the status of a ticket.

There are 5 different status options for a work order ticket, all but the last option "Delivered/Claimed" are easily accessible by clicking the link to each status on the top menu. Once a ticket is declared "Delivered/Claimed", it can only be searched for as mentioned above.


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