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How to Backup WorkOrder TS for WorkOrder TS lower then 0.6.1

Last Updated: 2009-03-26
Version 0.6.1 has a new backup feature which makes this guide obsolete

Unfortunately there are a few 100% guaranteed and unfortunate occurrences when using computers, one of them is storage failure or hard drive crash...

Since this is unavoidable, the most common way of dealing with this "annoyance" is to do regular backups of important data.

How often should you backup? Depends, how much data can you afford to loose or to reenter.

This guide will explain to you how to run manual backups with WorkOrder TS. Backing up WorkOrder TS has become a little more complicated with the addition of the Upload Image feature (we are working on a fix). All uploaded images are located in the uploads directory and require a separate backup procedure.
Let's get started.

Open the Control Panel with an administrative user and click on Backup Database. Use with Auto Drop on MySQL 5 servers, without on MySQL 4. Once downloaded it is necessary to check the backup file to ensure it is complete, the last line of the file should read: -- Dump completed on CURRENT DATE (second picture).

If you are using the upload image feature you also need to backup the uploads directory as well.

That's it, keep the downloaded .sql file and the zip file of your uploads directory together, they are your backup. The alternative is to use some system backup software which will backup the entire hard drive, database and all. We recommend Acronis for all Windows Backups.


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