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How to configure Default Store Options

Last Updated: 2008-07-17

WorkOrder TS allows you to specify some default store options which are displayed when adding new customers to the database. The default options are designed to make repetitive entry easier.
For example, if most of your customers come from the city "New York" or from the zip code 33904, you can tell WorkOrder TS to prefill the information automatically ...... and here is how.

To adjust the default store options, click on "Control Panel", at the bottom of most pages, to open the Control Panel. Here click on "Configure WorkOrder TS" to open the main configuration page. Now look for the setting "Default Options" towards the top of the page. The dropdown menu allows you to configure the default store options individually for each store in a multi-store configuration.

You should now see the different fields you can configure to prefill information. Most options are self explaining but pay special attention to the state field. Also, the options are separated by Business and Shipping address. You can tell the difference by the letter just before City, Zip or State. If the option reads DefaultValuesStoreName0BCity it is the default business address because of the B before City. If the option reads DefaultValuesStoreName0SState it is the default for a shipping address because of the S before State.

To preconfigure a city, enter the name into the City field. I will use "Fort Myers" in this example. Since most customers share the 239 area code, I will enter it into the Phone field. Since all customers come from the state of Florida, I will set FL as the default. This will display Florida at the first position in the state dropdown menu.
NOTE that the state field is a dropdown field and requires that you use HTML code like this
<option value="FL">FL - Florida</option>
Here, the part within quotes will be stored in the database and can be upto 20 characters long. The "FL - Florida" part is how the user will see the selection in the dropdown menu, the entire string can be upto 255 characters long.
The Zip Code most customers come from is either 33904 or 33914 so I will enter 339 as the default here
The first Image is a screenshot of the configuration page. The second screenshot is the result of the configuration when creating a new customer.

The Date configuration value controls how the currently selected branch displays the date. This is a PHP date() function compatible setting and can be configured by entering the desired date format. You can find a list of all possible formats on the date page under Parameters.

The TimeZone functions are explained in the time zone configuration guide located here.


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