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How to Configure Time Zone / timezone Support

Last Updated: 2009-05-27
This guide explains how to configure the WorkOrder TS timezone settings.

WorkOrder TS supports different timezones since 0.4.0. Time is calculated by starting from GMT and adjusting according to a configuration setting, GMT is calculated from your server's local time. If your server's local time is not your real local time you may have to try a few settings but more about that below.

The first image is an example of an incorrect timezone setting, the local time should be 5:30PM but the ticket reads 10:30PM instead.

To adjust the time, click on "Control Panel", at the bottom of most pages, to open the Control Panel. Here click on "Configure WorkOrder TS" to open the main configuration page. Now look for the setting "Default Options" towards the top of the page. The dropdown menu allows you to configure the timezone settings individually for each store in a multi-store configuration.

Now scroll down to the TimeZone and TimeZoneSign option. If the TimeZone box reads 0 right now, adjust your actual time by adding or subtracting from the time currently displayed by WorkOrder TS. In this example, WorkOrder TS displays 10:30PM instead of 5:30PM, so to get your correct localtime you should enter the value 5 into the TimeZone field and a - into the TimeZoneSign field. If your server's time is configured to your localtime, then the standard GMT timezone signs apply, if it is not set to your localtime you can get the correct time by telling WorkOrder TS how to arrive at your correct time. For example, if your server is hosted by a third party and the server's time, as displayed by WorkOrder TS, is 4:00am but you real time is 7:00am then you would enter a 3 into the TimeZone field and a + into the TimeZoneSign field. Keep in mind that it does not matter if you use a 24 hour clock or AM/PM because WorkOrder TS uses a 24 clock internally.

All done, you can check if WorkOrder TS is now using your local time by looking at the Store Overview or by adding information to a ticket. The image below shows the before and after of the time displayed when updating a ticket.

Please contact WorkOrder TS Support if you have any questions.


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