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How to Setup a Windows ODBC Connection to the WorkOrder TS MySQL Database

Last Updated: 2007-10-11

This is guide will show you how to connect the WorkOrder TS MySQL server to Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer via ODBC. Once everything is connected, you can use the Mail Merge feature provided by each Word processor to automatically pull the information you have stored in WorkOrder TS and insert the information into your letter templates. This allows you to send promotional letters to all your customers by writing the letter once and make your word processor generate letters for all your customers, this is a great marketing feature.

Please ensure that your are running at least WorkOrder TS 0.4.3 before attempting to use the Mail Merge feature.

To get started download the MySQL Connector/ODBC, at the time of writing version 3.51, and install the connector using default options.

Once the MySQL ODBC Connector is installed, open your Windows "Control Panel", go to the "Administrative Tools" and double click on "Data Sources(ODBC)".

When the "ODBC Data Source Administrator" is open, click on "Add" to create a new MySQL data source. Scroll down the list of data sources until you find "MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver" and click "Finish".

Please enter your database connection options into the appropriate fields. I suggest you use your WorkOrder TS guest account to establish database access since the guest account is read only. You can find the WorkOrder TS guest account information in the file config-guest.inc.php located inside the include directory. Click on "Test" before you click on "OK" to validate your entries.

Enter the data source name into the name Data Source Name box, I use WorkOrder TS in this and related guides.
Enter your server's IP or domain name into the Server box.
Enter the WorkOrder TS guest account username into the User box.
Enter the password for the WorkOrder TS guest account into Password box.
Select the WorkOrder TS database in the Database drop down box.

Congratulations, you have just created a ODBC connection to your WorkOrder TS MySQL server. You can now read the guides below to find out how to connect Microsoft Word and/or OpenOffice Writer to your MySQL database and retrieve stored information from your database server.

OpenOffice Writer Mail Merge with MySQL Database Server Guide

Microsoft Word Mail Merge with MySQL Database Server Guide


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