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How to install WorkOrder TS onto a hosted server (shared hosting)

Last Updated: 2008-07-09

This guide will explain how to install WorkOrder TS onto a server located at a hosting company (shared hosting). This guide uses cPanel to create a database and the required database user accounts. You can skip steps 2-6 if your hosting provider has already provided you with a database name and user account.

Notice: WorkOrder TS does not make any claims about the quality of service provided by, I am only using them for this example because they offer free hosting with cronjob and cPanel which is what I needed for this guide.

1. Upload WorkOrder TS to your web-directory. You should create a subdirectory if you plan on uploading other websites. I will create and use the workorder sub-directory in this example and upload WorkOrder TS into it.

2. Now login to your webhosting control panel and create a database. I am using cPanel v11 in this example to create the database work236

3. Now I need to create a user account for the database, notice that the database is now called jacky_work236 and not just work236. This is done by most hosting companies to indicate account ownership.
I enter wots as the username and use the Generate Password option to get a secure password which ends up being 5wCKZcKJg:&:
Just like the database, cPanel changes the username to jacky_wots.

4. Last step is to add the user you just created to the database. To do this, select the user and the database from the dropdown menu and click on Add. The next screen allows you to set user permissions, choose ALL PRIVILEGES for your standard user. Click on Make Changes to finish.

5. This step is optional but recommended. Since WorkOrder TS runs with the least privileges required you can now create a limited account for all the interactions with the database where it is only required to read information. I will create the user woguest with the password 3xIW9H}hEU;T for this example, just like in step 3. the username is turned into jacky_woguest.

6. I will now add the user to the database like it was done in step 4 but this time I will only give the user SELECT privileges. Click on Make Changes to finish.

7. Everything is now ready to install WorkOrder TS. Open the workorder directory with your web browser. I will use in this example. Keep in mind that I make no claims about the quality of service provided by, I am only using them for this example because they offer free hosting with cronjob and cPanel which is what I need to write this guide. You can purchase WorkOrder TS hosting for from the Purchase page.

8. After accepting the license agreement you will be directed to the information collection page of the setup program. Here you need to enter the information required to install WorkOrder TS. Keep in mind that not all fields are required for a hosted server installation. I will only mentioned the fields required for this installation. You can find additional information about the other fields by clicking on the field name in your setup screen (like Database Name) or by reading the other guides at
- Database Name: This is the name of the database created in step 2 or the name provided by your hosting company.
Database Name: jacky_work236
- Database Server Address: This address is provided by your hosting company. This is usually localhost but not always, check you hosting configuration page for details.
Database Server Address: localhost
- Guest User: This is the limited user account you created in step 5. If you did not create a limited user enter the information of the user you created in step 3. Since I created a limited user I will use the account information here.
Guest User: jacky_woguest
- Guest Password: This is the password for the Guest account
Guest Password: 3xIW9H}hEU;T
- User Account: This is the user account with all privileges created in step 3
User Account: jacky_wots
- User Password: This is the password for the account with all privileges
User Password: 5wCKZcKJg:&:
- Table Name Prefix: You should only change this value if you will install multiple WorkOrder TS installations into the same database. For example: First installation prefix: work1_ Second prefix: work2_ and so on....
Table Name Prefix: workorder_
- License Key: Please enter your license key here. Professional edition customers will receive the license key via E-Mail. Free edition license Keys can be requested on the download page. Keep in mind that you can not use a Professional edition license key with the Free edition or the other way around.
- Admin Password: This option specifies the administrative password for the WorkOrder TS admin user. The username for this user is admin by default but can be changed later in the professional edition. You can find a random password generator here: Random Password Generator
Admin Password: rPw61OzgT45
- Tech Password: This option is only required for the free edition because you can create an unlimited amount of user accounts in the Professional edition.
The first screen shot is an example of using separate database accounts. The second screenshot is an example of using one database username for the guest and user account.

9. Now click on Test Settings to validate your configuration settings. I am getting a warning now because this host has magic_quotes enabled. Warning can be ignored but you can click on the provided link to find out why the warning was issued. The magic_quotes warning is issued here because it creates a false sense of security, this warning is for server admins. As I said before, WorkOrder TS will install fine regardless of the warning issued, only errors will stop you from installing.
As an example, the first image shows the warning and the second image displays an error message due to an invalid table prefix. As you see in the second image, the Start Installation button is not available if there is an error.
Click on Start Installation to continue.
The first screen shots shows you how a installation warning looks like, the second how an error looks like.

10. Almost done, now it is time to create the configuration files. Click on both of the buttons to download the and configuration files. Store them somewhere on your hard drive, then upload them with your FTP program and place them into the include directory.

11. Once uploaded, click on Test Config Files to ensure that the configuration files are in the correct location. You will now be presented with the Start Installation button. Click this button ONCE to start the installation. On slow systems the installation may take 30 - 60 seconds.
After the installation is complete you will be presented with two Continue links, click one of them to go to the next step.

12. Installation Complete! Before you can login, delete the setup.php file and the setup_files directory as explained by this last page. Please don't forget to write down your login information because this is the last screen which will display it.
You can click on click here to get started to login to WorkOrder TS after you have deleted the setup.php file and the setup_files directory.

13. You are now ready to use WorkOrder TS. Please follow the initial configuration guide, located here, before adding any tickets or customers.

Please contact WorkOrder TS Support or ask a question in the Support Forum if you have any problems installing WorkOrder TS.


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