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Where can I find a list of WorkOrder TS features?

Last Updated: 2007-12-10

Professional Edition only features:

  • Multi Branch Capable.
  • Connect your WorkOrder TS database to Open Office Writer or Microsoft Word (Local Edition Only). Guide
  • Save time spent on a ticket, get running total and monthly reports.Watch the Flash Video
  • Main Menu can be customized, rename or translate the buttons and drop down menus.
  • Add or remove preconfigured repair steps from In-store and On-site menu
  • Customers can login and create their own tickets.
  • Private or Internal notes field on tickets, these notes are not printed or displayed to the customer.
  • GuestKey - Allow customer's to check the status of their ticket online. Watch the Flash Video
  • Onsite Appointment Scheduler - Dynamically generated calendar, schedule appointments years from today.
  • Upload unlimited files and store them with your tickets. View Image.
  • Inform Technicians via E-Mail when new tickets are created. View Image.
  • Save specific customer information in Customer Forms. Alarm or Gate Codes, Network IP layout, custom forms. Watch the Flash Video
  • Simple Backup and Restore functions (Local Edition Only)
  • Multi user login support and security control Watch the Flash Video
  • Extended Control Panel - Set Default field values, customize program terminology to your industry.

Professional and Free Edition Features:
  • Full Customer Database Search
  • Complete Customer Database with Work History
  • Does not require client software installation! (Multimedia Web Browser Required with JavaScript enabled)
  • Program creates check-in tickets with customer signature fields and item tags
  • Get the status of any ticket with one mouse click.
  • Steps can be assigned to tickets. For example: Checked In, On Bench, Awaiting Call, Ready For Pickup
  • Search all repair tickets for phrases, use it as a solution database


User Comments:

Title: PC Repair Technician
Posted By: Jourdan Lambert On: 2008-02-12 04:15
Running: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; InfoPath.2; .N.....
As a technician that has worked in multiple repair shops, I find that the 2 largest points of failure in the business is customer service and organization.

It has been through my experience with this program that WorkOrder TS provides a simple, easy to use, and cost- effective solution to these 2 ever growing problems. With the ability to quickly document and monitor multiple repairs at a moments notice, I have been able to always let the customer and other technicians know of the progress made on repairs, and what the next steps are.

I would rate this program as a critical turning point in the development and growth in the IT Repair industry along with other service industries.


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