WorkOrder TS Edition Overview

There are a few different ways you can use WorkOrder TS, this page will explain all options in detail. Please contact support for more information. Click Purchase on the Main Menu to get a price quote or to purchase WorkOrder TS licenses.

You can test drive the Professional edition of WorkOrder TS below!
This installation is configured to handle three different branches from one installation (Option 2 below). Each branch has one user account, all tickets are separated but can be accessed across branches by opening a ticket via the "Ticket By ID" button. The admin account is allowed to open the control panel but changes are not saved on most screens.

WorkOrder TS Local Edition
The local edition keeps you in control of your own server and data. WorkOder TS has been designed with the User in mind. Support Documentation has been written with Step by Step instructions for the initial Apache, PHP and MySQL installation. Once installed you can watch Videos to see how to operate WorkOrder TS.
The local edition is specifically designed to run on your own server, requiring only minimal system resources and offering all of the many advanced features WorkOrder TS has to offer. Release 0.4.3 adds the ability to link your OpenOffice Writer or Microsoft Word word processor with the WorkOrder TS database to automatically fill out names, addresses or E-Mail addresses for your promotional letters and mailings. This is a local edition only feature! Click here for a complete WorkOrder TS feature overview.

The image below demonstrates what WorkOrder TS can handle. Keep in mind that WorkOrder TS is web based, it supports any client operating system, Windows, Linux Mac,.... no problem all clients need a java script enable web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera. The amount of clients the system supports is only limited by the hardware the software is running on. Remote user connections should be secured with a VPN or SSL web server access.

Local Configuration Options
Below are the supported ways to install WorkOrder TS, please contact support if your planned implementation is different. Dedicated database servers are supported for all installation types!

  1. One Server handling a single branch
    You can upgrade to a multi branch edition at any time, please contact support to upgrade your existing license.
  2. One Server handling multiple branches from one installation
    The server will host branches according to your license agreement. Tickets and customers are separated by store but information is shared across branches. Options to control the data sharing behavior will be added soon.
  3. One Server handling multiple branches from multiple installations
    This option completely separates all databases. Running one server for all branches can save you a lot of money on hardware.
  4. One Server per branch
    This is the most reliable way to install WorkOrder TS. Since the server is running at your local network you don't need to worry about Internet outages. If you can't afford down time, then this is the way to go. Please contact support for more information.

WorkOrder TS Online
The online edition gives you the ability to use almost all of the advanced WorkOrder TS features. The word processor database integration feature mentioned above is not supported, other local edition only features may be added later.
Key Features:

The image below demonstrates how you can use the WorkOrder TS Online Edition.