WorkOrder TS Local Edition

WorkOrder TS Local Edition keeps you in control of your own server and data. WorkOder TS has been designed with the User in mind. Support Documentation has been written with Step by Step instructions for the initial Apache, PHP and MySQL installation. Once installed you can watch Videos design to show you how simple it is to operate WorkOrder TS.

  • Setup Overview
  • Purchase Options
  • System Requirements

WorkOrder TS Setup Overview

The picture on the right is an example of a typical WorkOrder TS setup for a small to medium size business. One Server, One Database to handle your work order tracking needs.

WorkOrder TS will allow your Onsite Technicians to login from anywhere to check their daily appointments. No more wasted time and money distributing the daily appointments.
If your technicians are equipped with internet enabled laptops they can enter the ticket information from anywhere, while the repair procedure is still fresh in their mind. No more guessing what was done hours later.

There are a few options you should consider before installing WorkOrder TS for production use!

Network Connection Options

To allow your technicians or other branches access to your server a sufficiently large Internet connection is required. For businesses with 20-30 employees DSL, Cable or IDSN should be sufficient. Larger businesses might require fractional or full T1 lines. Network connection requirements depend on simultaneous connections to the server by your technicians.
Depending on how reliable your internet connections is, a multi-branch setup might require multiple servers to guarantee operation. If you have 4 branches connected to 1 server and the server looses Internet connection, all branches without a server on their local network will no longer be able to access the work order tracking system. Separate servers with separate databases might be required for maximum availability. Regardless of connection type, a static IP or a dynamic DNS service is required.

License Details: Server software limits the connection of simultaneous user logins. There is no limit on how many customers are allowed to connect simultaneously.

All Charges are billed monthly by
1 Branch with 1 User License + 1 Year Updates + 1 Year Support (starter package)
$ 99.00
1 Branch with 5 User License + 1 Year Updates + 1 Year Support (starter package)
$ 199.00
License Selection à la carte below. Support and Updates (1Year) do not accumulate.
1 Branch with 1 Year Updates and 1 Year Support
$ 150.00
1 User License with 1 Year Updates and 1 Year Support
$ 30.00

System Requirements

  • Server Hardware requirements: 500MHz or greater CPU, 128MB or more RAM
  • Server Operating System: Windows, Linux, Solaris or OS X. The first two are fully tested.
  • Server Software: Apache, PHP4/5, MySQL5
  • Client Requirements: Requires multimedia web browser with java script enabled. is recommended.
  • Buy a server build with good hardware from a trustworthy vendor. Unstable hardware will lead to operating system and database corruption.
    Good hardware also requires a solid operating system to provide stable operation. If you are purchasing a new server I would highly recommend that you look into purchasing a server powered by the GNU/Linux operating system. Choosing Linux will provide you with a stable and secure operating system while keeping your total cost of ownership below a windows server. My personal favorite among the linux distributions is openSUSE