WorkOrder TS Screenshot examples

Each screenshot opens as a popup containing a full screen image. If the text does not appear clearly it might be time to upgrade your web-browser. Try today!

This is the Main Overview page, it gives you a quick snapshot of what is currently going on. Here you see the New Customer screen, the program allows you to store a separate billing and shipping address.
This screenshot show the New Ticket screen, here you can create new in-store or on-site tickets. The new E-Mail Technician feature allows you to select a technician best suited for the task and E-Mail them a copy of the created ticket. The new ticket has been added to the database, the program will attempt to E-Mail the selected recipient after completing the insert.
Example E-Mail received by the selected technician in the previous screenshot. Here you can see an example ticket. If you click on the Customer's name you will be brought to the Customer Overview page. If you click on the customer's address you will receive a Google MapsR map.
Clicking on the customer's address when viewing a ticket opens a popup and loads Google MapsR with driving directions. This is an example customer overview. Here you can check the customer's history, create new customer details pages, create new tickets or open existing tickets.
Here is an example of the customer details mentioned earlier. All customer detail templates are fully configurable via the control panel. You can create as many individual customer detail pages as you need. Here you can see another great feature, the Image Uploader. This feature allows you to upload as many files as you like and store it associated to your ticket. The uploader does not only support image files but pdf and other files as well.
This is the Appointment Scheduler, here you can see your appointments, sort them by tech or schedule appointments years from today. Find any customer within seconds with WorkOrder TS search functions.