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WorkOrder TS Online - Free Edition

WorkOrder TS Online - Free Edition is a basic work order system for a 1 man business or small shop.
You may upgrade to the professional edition at any time or add additional features as required.

FeatureFree EditionPro Edition
Stores/Branches11 or more
Active Users225 or more
Serversingle serverredundant setup
Server connection5Mbit10Mbit
File upload* 100KB per file
* 10MB account limit
* 2MB per file or more
* 300MB account limit or more
Modules* 10 dynamic form fields
* no onsite support
* no company notes
* no company downloads
* no monthly reports
* no limits
Customer loginavailable as an upgradeunlimited logins
Backups* synced every 10 minutes to external backup store
* full backup every 24 hours
* data mirrored across data centers
* synced every 3 minutes to external backup store
* full backups every 24 hours
* backup archive as download, once every 24 hours
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$15 per month
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