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WorkOrder TS Local Edition

WorkOrder TS is written in PHP and requires Apache, PHP 5 and MySQL 5 to be installed on your server. These packages are available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and few other operating system so you don't need to run separate hardware. Instead you can add WorkOrder TS to your existing file server and if your file server is running Windows you can follow this step by step tutorial to get you up and running in no time. Apache, PHP and MySQL installation.

The image below shows a possible setup option for WorkOrder TS. You may either use it in "local only mode" by not opening port 80/443 on your firewall/router. Or you may configure your network so that other branches, or your customers may access WorkOrder TS through the Internet.

Local Configuration Options
Below are the supported ways to install WorkOrder TS, please contact support if your planned implementation is different. Dedicated database servers are supported for all installation types!

  1. One Server handling a single branch
    You can upgrade to a multi branch edition at any time, please contact support to upgrade your existing license.
  2. One Server handling multiple branches from one installation
    The server will host branches according to your license agreement. Tickets and customers are separated by store but information is shared across branches.
  3. One Server handling multiple branches from multiple installations
    This option completely separates all databases but only requires one server. Running one server for all branches can save you a lot of money on hardware.
  4. One Server per branch
    This is the most reliable way to install WorkOrder TS. Since the server is running at your local network you don't need to worry about Internet outages. If you can't afford down time, then this is the way to go.

WorkOrder TS Purchasing Options

Are you ready to upgrade to WorkOrder TS Professional? Here is what you get:

  1. Professional Remote Installation
    • Let me install WorkOrder TS for you. I can install it into you existing web hosting account or onto your own Windows or Linux server.
      I have been administering servers for over 10 years so I know what I am doing, what I can touch and when I need to keep my fingers in my pocket. I have experience with Windows Server 2000-2008 and pretty much all major versions of Linux such as ARCH Linux, Slackware, open/SuSE, Debian and CentOS.
      While I don't recommend you use Ubuntu to run your servers, I can configure those machines as well.
  2. Price Guarantee
    • Never pay more to renew your update subscription then what you paid for your initial licenses. As long as you renew your upgrade license every year, I guarantee that you will never pay more to renew or purchase additional licenses then what you paid for each license the day you bought your first license (Price may be adjusted for inflation).
  3. Fast E-Mail Support

Please make sure your system is compatible before purchasing WorkOrder TS
All WorkOrder TS sales are final. No refunds are given once the serial number has been E-Mailed out.

License Details: Server software limits the connection of simultaneous user logins. There is no limit on how many customers are allowed to connect simultaneously.

All Charges are billed by You can increase quantities after adding the item to your cart. Starter package can only be purchased in QTY 1 and only 1 per customer. The Starter Package can be upgraded by adding more branch and user licenses.
1 Branch with 99 User License, 1 Year Updates (starter package)
$ 499.00
License Selection à la carte below. Support and Updates (1Year) do not accumulate.
1 Branch with 1 Year Updates
$ 300.00
25 User License
$ 100.00
Accepted Payments: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card, PayPal payments!