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WorkOrder TS Screenshots

This is the main store overview displayed after logging in. It gives a overview of all open tickets or of all tickets currently assigned to your username.
WorkOrder TS Professional can handle multiple branches from the same installation separating technicians and customer tickets. The image on the left is from the Online Demo installation which is setup to handle three branches from the same installation. As you can see, the tickets created in one branch do not show up in the store overview of the other branches.
The customer creation form will force your employees to get all required information. The customer can not be saved unless name, address and phone number is provided. Required fields can be customized.

The customer overview holds all information related to the customer.
It contains

  • Main (Billing Address)
  • Multiple shipping addresses
  • Customer Detail Forms, these forms can be used to store password, gate codes, ....
  • A list of service contracts and tickets
Creating new tickets is very easy in WorkOrder TS
WorkOrder TS generates a ticket print out page for you. The page contains service information, your store disclaimer and ticket stubs you can attach to the item checked in.
Technicians can log the time they have worked on a ticket and see the total time spent on the bottom

The monthly reports generated by WorkOrder TS give you a quick overview of

  • How many tickets where created this month
    • Ticket generated are broken down by week
  • Total time logged by your technicians
  • Total time logged by each technician
    • Total time logged by each technician for every ticket he/she worked on