WorkOrder TS 0.5.2 has been released today! - Posted: 2008-05-30 09:52:29
The 0.5.1 release was put on hold after a customer informed me of a labeling bug with the technician time keeping option. All issues have been fixed and 0.5.2 has been sent out to all professional edition customers.
Version 0.5.2 changes -
- BugFix: Fixed invalid label of minutes spent on tickets. Example: If a ticket with 1hour 30minutes was saved, the ticket would display 1.30hours spent. This is now fixed and tickets now display 1hr 30min spent. Note: Times saved in the database and running totals are correct but where incorrectly saved on tickets.
- Update: Added new option to delete Customers, Tickets and Service Contracts to Control Panel
- Update: Customers can not save time into the "Time Spent" field
- BugFix: Fixed problem when "Tech Ticket Lock" is enabled customers where unable to open their own tickets. Received Error: "You are not assigned to this Ticket, please check your entry"
- Update: Removed Store Overview from Guest Logins
- Update: Generated Guest Key is now always displayed in capital letters.
- Update: Store Overview now only displays categories with at least 1 open ticket.
- Update: Removed Custom Ticket ID and Guest Key option from Service Contract
- BugFix: Fixed problem where searching for non existing service contract would show empty service instead of message that no service contract exists.
- BugFix: Same as above, also changed time spent on monthly reports

WorkOrder TS 0.5.1 will be released Monday - Posted: 2008-05-18 13:34:01
I am proud to announce that WorkOrder TS 0.5.1 will be released 2008-05-19. This updated adds the following changes:
Version 0.5.1 -
- Update: Added Link "Back to Store Overview" to the screen displayed after ticket creation and after edeting a ticket.
- Update: Added option to save time spent when creating a Sub Ticket for a service contract.
- Update: Added option to customize date saved for Service Contracts. Customization field will take any kind of string.
- Update: Added Store status overview back to Shop Overview page
- Update: It is now possible to unassign a technician via the "Edit Description" link. Requires "Skip Update Ticket Delay Checks" user right to unassign after edit timeout.
- BugFix: Fixed Google Maps not working in new Service Contracts
- Update: Changed "Displaying unassigned tickets from database" to "Displaying unfinished tickets from database" to reflect what the overview actually displays.
- Update: Added License compliance checks, WorkOrder TS does now enforce user licenses as described in the user license agreement. WorkOrder TS will only enforce maximum simultaneous logins. It does not matter how many users you have added, it only matters how many users are using WorkOrder TS at the same time (simultaneous logins).
Version 0.5.0 -
- BugFix: Fixed incorrect TAB order when creating a new customer. Tab would skip lastname.
- BugFix: Fixed issue with Customer Login where a customer could search the database for a word and receive other tickets, not owned by him/her, as the search result. The customer would be unable to access the ticket but see the Problem Description.
- Update: Created new form to display ticket information, only used for Service Contracts at the moment.
- BugFix: Fixed issue where some symbols could break the html display code, you can now use "any" character in names and addresses.
- BugFix: Fixed Custom Ticket ID not being displayed in parts of the program
- BugFix: Fixed issue with Opera webbrowser displaying huge <textarea> boxes
- Update: Removed empty lines above Company Name/Logo to move page further towards the top of the browser.
- Update: Added error handling and max file upload information for the database restore option into the control panel.
- Update: Adding support for service contracts.
- Added favicon.ico
- WorkOrder TS now honors time format specified in "Configure WorkOrder TS"
- Changed string "Unable to find any open tickets for you, displaying unassigned tickets from database" to "Displaying unassigned tickets from database"

WorkOrder TS 0.4.11c FAQ - Posted: 2008-03-24 13:44:36
I have received a few E-Mails with questions regarding the new ability to assign tickets and the new store overview in the 0.4.11c release.
Please don't hesitate to reply with comments or suggestions.

- The new store overview displays assigned tickets IF at least one ticket is assigned. If no tickets are assigned, to the technician currently logged in, all unassigned tickets are displayed.
- It is possible to reassign tickets, users with the "Skip Update Ticket Delay Checks" right may update any ticket without restriction via the "Edit Description" link when displaying a ticket.
- It is possible to deny technicians access to tickets not assigned to them. By enabling the option "Limit Technician Ticket Access", in the Control Panel, you deny your technicians access to any ticket not assigned to them. Granting the "Skip Assigned Ticket Checks" right, in "User Management", will overwrite the lockout on a per account basis.
- Problem: Your store overview page displays all tickets, including competed tickets.
Goto the "Control Panel" click on "Configure WorkOrder TS" scroll down
to "WorkOrder TS Menu Control" and click on "Config Menus".
A new popup window will open, in here you can specify at what point a
ticket is to be considered done. Find the "Selection Name"
used to mark a ticket as done, then check the box in front of "Done".
Do this for all "Selection Name" options you want hidden from the
front page. Click on "Save Menu" to save the changes.

Next update:
I am currently working on implementing the following features for the next release:
- Assign multiple technicians to a ticket
- Company file Downloader, this allows you to share files through
WorkOrder TS. The feature requires authentication and protects
against hot linking.. Screen shots here:
WorkOrder TS Company Downloads
- Implement maintenance contracts, use WorkOrder TS to track the
history of individual computers assigned to a single ticket.

-WorkOrder TS 0.4.11c released - Posted: 2008-03-12 22:35:19
- WorkOrder TS 0.4.11c Professional has been released, menus and service types can now be customized. Check out the WorkOrder TS Online Demo to see the new features in action.....

- Posted: 2008-03-09 16:25:31
- Sneak preview: Checkout the new WorkOrder TS Company Downloads feature, it allows you to create a protected download page. This feature will be included in the next professional edition release (0.4.12)

Website Updates - Posted: 2008-03-02 16:19:26
- The new WorkOrder TS Web Server is online, enjoy the speed of a Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processor.....

Website Updates - Posted: 2007-12-10 21:35:19
- There are two new video guides available! You can find the Video Guides in the "Support" menu.

Website Updates - Posted: 2007-11-29 17:19:34
- You can now comment on all manuals found in the Virtual Brain Support Database. You can find the Support Database in the "Support" menu.

Website Updates - Posted: 2007-11-04 23:35:28
- Brand new Editions Overview Page, click on "Editions" on the Main Menu to find out more.
- Brand new purchase page, match the license to YOUR needs.
- Professional Online Demo is now available for testing, visit the "Editions" page for more details....


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